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I just wanted to talk about a website that I've recently come to adore. I did buy one of their products, and I will have a review on that soon, but for now I want to talk about the shop.

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It isn't a super big name site, like Peach & Lily, or anything like the online beauty shops/blog sites I frequent like Glow Recipe, Sokoglam, or Memebox. Let me put it this way, everyone loves coffee, even the people who are not allowed to drink the wonderful brown bitter stuff love it, and there are big coffee shop names that cater to all kinds of coffee lovers. These big name coffee shops include Starbucks, and Seattle's best, or The Coffee Bean, to name a few. Then you have your around-corner, quiet little coffee nook, where you can sit, finish reading "The Little Book of Skincare: Korean Beauty Secrets For Healthy Glowing Skin", and just relax. The quiet little mom & pop online shop that I'm talking about is The Wild Jasmine Shop.

I was scrolling through instagram, when I saw a photo of a product from their shop, which intrigued me. Because it was sheet masks. Yup. Sheet masks lead me to this shop, and like me, we're both just starting out, though, they've been around a bit longer than my blog. Ahh Instagram, such a great platform for advertising.

Who started it?
This lovely website was started by Rachel Cook, who is very nice by the way, wanted the shop be fun, and informative. She wanted her buyers shopping experience to be as painless as possible. She believes that "everything should be front and center to make decision process easier".

Why the name?
The shop is named so, because of Rachel's love of mountains, and her favorite flower. I'm guessing the wild is for the mountains. (^______^)

The Wild Jasmine Discounts:
The Wild Jasmine is currently offering consumers - that's you, should you decide to buy something from her shop - 10% off their entire purchase. Just use the promo code: 10FORME.

The Shop:
The Wild Jasmine shop sells Korean beauty products, of course, and this was opened, I believe, in 2015. And because their goal is to help "make you feel good in your own skin", they do their best to research and offer their buyers the best quality products; they even test products on themselves before approving it. The pH for cleansers and toners are listed, as well as the benefits and how to use it. They also have GREAT customer service, should you have further questions regarding a product, or if you have something else to ask, like asking if you could blog about them, and the product I purchased from their website.

What did I get?
I got the Let's Cure "C-Ester"  High Performance Powder.

Thank YOU!
I just want to say that the card was awesome. I love getting letters, especially cards, from people, so to get this from a seller is great. It makes me feel like they really care and listen. And the crinkled confetti, loved it. I was very amused. It's a first for me; to get crinkled confetti. It's usually tissue paper, bubble wrap, or those huge long bubble fillers. 

They also sell sheet masks!

Extra Note:
Just like Sokoglam, a percent of all their profits goes towards the fight to end human trafficking in South East Asia. They have partnered with The Pearl Alliance and The Exodus Road to do just that. The Exodus Road is a growing nonprofit anti-trafficking movement, and The Pearl Alliance is, and I quote, "an outreach of Messenger International designed to rescue and restore pearls trapped in darkness".

For more information on The Pearl Alliance, go to

For more information in The Exodus Road, go to

I hope you visit The Wild Jasmine Shop, browse, buy something, or just say hi.

Thanks for reading!

-Miss Mich
The Sheet Mask Lady

I'm not getting paid to make a post about The Wild Jasmine Shop, or the Let's Cure C-Ester, and all thoughts are my own.

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