Can not washing your face cause premature aging? - part 1

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[I've added and updated this post on 6/11/2016]

I had been working on a post about cleansing, and it was fairly long, full of insight and research, but for some odd it it didn't save, and when the refreshed, the blog post was empty. My heart sank. I did not have a back up, because I was so engrossed with typing it, and laying out my thoughts, that I had I had forgotten to make one. Just my luck. I was thinking that this is going to be my best post, yet.

Uhg. It's 5 am, and still bugging me. I'm so miffed, I can't sleep, and I still want to blog about it. The only problem is, my energy is way different, and all the things I had in my head are now gone. Don't you hate when that happens? If it's ever happened to you? Uhg.

I had given it the title "The nonbenefits of washing you face". Yeah, it was about cleansing your face. I was even googling some awesome photos, with credit to whoever owned it, to show you guys the before and afters.

*pouty puffed up face here*
Internet, please bring it back. No? Fine.

SO. I'm just going to give you the shorter version of the original post that had mysteriously disappeared.

[Updated version starts here]

Ever had one of those days where you come home tired from work or an event, and don't feel like changing clothes or doing your nightly skincare regiment? Do you have a friend who always sleeps in her makeup because she's too lazy to wash her face? Or maybe you don't like that part of the day, face cleansing because it's too much of a hassle. You think "I'll deal with the time comes", or "It's skin, it'll still be there tomorrow. It can deal with not being cleaned." Thinking, "I can do this tomorrow."

You know, and they know, that it's bad for you, and that horrible unspeakable things are likely to happen if you keep it up. I mean, sure. Deal with it tomorrow. Your skin can handle it, right?

Actually, it can't.

Skin can't clean itself. Over time the gods and goddesses of skin and beauty will punish your for being mean to your skin.

Analogy time:
Alright, let me put it this way, if you had a job interview, would you go there unprepared? Would you dress appropriately, but not shower, brush your teeth, or not gotten enough sleep the night before? No, right? It's kind of like that with skin. You have to take care of it, prep it, nurture it, and you will be hired, I mean rewarded. Your skin represents you, and you represent your skin.

 If you wanted you skin to look at least decent, would you leave it to fend for itself? Please, don't. It made sense to me, but I'm not sure where I'm going with it, so moving on...

Example photo:
I don't have a pictures of myself sleeping with my make up on, but I did find photos on Huffington Post from a video that was featured an episode on The Doctors. If you want to watch that video, the link is here:

She didn't wash her face for a month
The image's link redirects you to

Back track a little:
Back in college, I use to just wash my face with a papaya soap. It was great. The soap was great at giving my skin a moisturizing effect, and it had a light exfoliation, which is probably why my skin was great. Aaah... Those were the days.It makes me sad to think that there are people out there who do not wash their makeup off.

The papaya soap that I'm featuring is from Philippines. This is the most well known brand, to my knowledge. Please update me, if my information is incorrect. What most Filipinos in the Philippines have not realized is that papaya, or papain, exfoliates the skin. This exfoliation helps to further whiten, or lighten rather, the face or body. The reason being that it simply breaks down, some clinics use the words "Destroy", the dead skin cells and is washed away. 

Quick tip: Papain + an essential oil like sunflower seed oil, or argan oil = lovely skin
                   Always wear sunscreen when using exfoliators, whether chemical or pysical


Back to washing skin:
When the skin on our face is free of dirt, makeup, and sunscreen, the skincare products we use on it, such as toners, actives, and serums, are absorbed better. There isn't any barrier to keep it from being absorbed. Our skin can benefit from the skincare goop we pile on to our face. Not cleansing your face can lead to clogged pores, which means white heads, black heads, and which ever forms of acne, can appear. Makeup, even sunscreen, when left unwashed can trap pollutants on your skin. Over time, these can destroy the surface of your skin. Not washing your face can lead to dull, lack luster skin, exacerbated irritations, makes your pores larger, and infections, Oh, the acne scars. It burnzes. I understand this because I have post inflammation hyperpigmentation, and a bit of scarring left on my skin.

A clean face also helps the skin breath, and rest. All that gunk on your face may slow, or "block" your skin from regenerating collagen, meaning aging skin, meaning wrinkles, worse - premature wrinkles. Collagen is found in our skin, and this stuff makes our skin look youthful. Not to mention it would become a breeding ground for bacteria, which will only makes things worse. AND it will cause your skin to age prematurely? Who wants to look older than their age, right? BIG NO, NO.

Julep has great blogs about skincare, as well.

Don't forget:
Don't skip out on morning face cleansing, either. Skin always tend to look better and have better results when it's cleansed in the morning ang at night. You may only have sebum, or last night's serum and night cream, but these have sunk into your skin and it needs to start fresh, like a clean canvas ready to be painted on with beautiful colors.

Improperly washing your face is also the same, as not washing at all. Well, in a less horrible way. Your skin can still get irritated, and can still cause acne.

But in all seriousness, washing your face only takes a few little minutes of your time. It will save your skin from much aging, and it feels good to have a clean fresh face. Free of all the dirt, pollutants, sunscreen, and makeup. For me, my face feels lighter. Kind of like a hair cut. After having super long-down-to-your-butt hair, a shoulder lenght cut will make you feel much lighter.

That's about it for now. Its almost morning and I need to sleep. I'll continue this in a part two post.
Click here for part two of this blog

Thanks for reading!

-Miss Mich
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