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I am NOT and do not claim to be an medical expert, licensed professional, or even a guru, when I review or post my thoughts on products. Though I do have a background in nursing, whatever thoughts I publish on my blog come from personal experience. We all do and try things differently. What works for me, may not work for you. If you are interested in trying a certain product, please try a sample first, and patch test. 

This blog is for my own, personal use. I write and edit this blog, If you want to use my blog and images for business, commercial, and promotional reasons, please CONTACT ME FIRST. Do not use my text, images, and basically anything on my blog with out my permission. DO NOT claim them as your own, or face consequences. If I do agree to let you use my text and images, please credit me. 

If you want to share for blogging and forums, let me know. You must clearly acknowledge me as the author, meaning CREDIT and LINK me. Do not edit it. Don't make it look like you made it yourself.

For press samples:

Please send me an email. If I agree to testing and reviewing samples, please note that my views and opinions, good or bad, are my own, and that I will have full control of my blog posts and reviews. There is no guarentee that I will write a positive review, and will not be influenced to post a positive review for compensation. If my skin likes a product, then woohoo! positive review! 

Some offers will not be accepted if it is against my because there is only so much my skin can take. Sponsorship will be clearly stated and labeled, and any products sponsored by my own wallet will also be clearly stated.

If we come to an agreement, and samples are sent to me, please allow me an alloted time to test and review them. Time needed are as follows:

  • 3weeks for treatments (ex.serums, ampoules, essences, chemical exfoliator)
  • 3weeks for night creams, day creams, and any other moisturizers (basically the last step of skincare routine)
  • 1 weeks for cleansing products 
  • 1weeks for toners (and mists)
  • 2 weeks for wash off masks, peel off masks, and masks similar to these
  • 1-2 weeks for sheet masks (depends on how much masks I'm given to test)
If you have any questions, please send me an email, or you can check out my other social networks, all of which are under the names TheSheetMaskLady or SheetMaskLady.
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Affiliate links: 
TheSheetMaskLady.com accepts sponsorship for monetization, and other forms of compensation, such as store credit. Affiliated links will be clearly stated and provided in my posts or pages. TheSheetMaskLady.com also has Google AdSense, which I am not affiliated to. An example would be Paula's Choice and Amazon. If you on these links, or banners, I get a small percent. I will mention when I do include links in my posts.

I am also affiliated to Rakuten and ShareASale.
Rakuten Affiliate Network Welcome Program

You are not obligated to purchase anything through these links. The money obtained from affiliated merchants does not obligate me to review their products or services, but it does help me maintain this blog. All reviews of products, sponsored or not, are honest and entirely my own; all the good and bad. 

All earnings is, and will be, used for this blog. 

Product tester/review stuff: 
I am an Influenster and BzzAgent blogger. 

I am also on BlogLovin, contact me via ACTIVATE.

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