My Scheming's Hyaluronan Hydrating Mask = plumpness

Rain drops = water =hydration

What a day. The the sun was out, so I went out outside did a bit of yard work, and some gardening. Before I left the house, I made sure I had my moisturizer and my sun scream on, because the sun where I live can be unforgiving, even if it's cloudy. Yup, sure enough, when I got back inside, my skin looked parched. Hydration, where are you? Anyway, it gives me an excuse to do some sheet masking. 

So, today's sheet mask is brought to you by My Scheming! One of my favorite Taiwanese skin care brands.

What is it?
My Scheming Hyaluronan Hydrating Mask

My Scheming, as I had mentioned in my previous post My Favorite Arbutin Mask (this is a link, too), is a Taiwanese based brand that can be found in most Asian countries. South East Asian countries, to be exact. Their cute packaged masks can be found in Watson's, which is an equivalent to the America's CVS or Duane Reade (D.R. resembles Watson's more though). The brand also has serums, essences, and even Hello Kitty package themed sheet masks. 

I mean just look at that box! So cute~!
Hi (^_~)

My Scheming Hyaluronan Hydrating Mask claims that the "semi-translucent mask hugs the face seamlessly for maximum absorption of essence, which helps hydrate the skin and lock in moisture".

Main Ingredient:
Aside from the first four moisturizers and surfactants, Sodium Hyaluronate, or hyaluronan, is at the top. Hyaluronan, which is basically Hyaluronic acid. Wikipedia says that Hyaluronic acid is an anion, non-sulfated glycosaminoglycan distributed widely throughout the connective, epithelial, and neural tissues. Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs...haha) are one of the three major components of our skin; the other two being collagen, and elastin. It supports the other two components, the turgidity, or bounce, in our skin. GAGs are water binding, making them humectants (they help retain moisture); hence, the plumpness in our skin after prolonged use of hyaluronic acid. They are the water reserves of our skin. GAGs are also help copper peptides in skin repair, including wrinkles. Yup, I need to drink more water, and I need more hyaluronic acid in my life. Fountain of youth, come to me. 

Other ingredients to take note of:
Cucumber fruit extract - Emollient, skin conditioning
Vitamin E - antioxidant, skin conditioning
Nasturtium Officinale flower extract - anti sebum, soothing
Tranexamic Acid - whitening
Arbutin - whitening

Here's the full list of ingredients from COSDNA.

This is how I do it...

  1. Wash your face
  2. Use toner
  3. exfoliate (you can skin this part)
  4. tear the pack and take out sheet mask
  5. unfold sheet mask and peel off the "pearl paper" (it really says pearl paper)
  6. discard pearl paper, and spread the sheet mask across your face to fit
  7. Leave on for 20-30 minutes (I leave it on for about 45-60 minutes, meh, I push to the limit)
  8. Peel off the sheet mask and discard
  9. Massage remaining serum on your face, let the skin absorb it
  10. Follow with the rest of your skincare

The mask:
I normally have a decent, not-so-photogenic, picture of the mask, but here's what I got. 
Forgot to take a pic of the entire mask, oops.

Fits almost perfectly, except this time the chin part was long. I thought, being from the same brand, that all their sheet masks would be the same. I guess, not. The nose flap thing is still just a tad long, but at least it covers my nose, unlike other sheet masks.

The Serum:
The serum itself is thick, like actual serum that you would include in your skincare routine. I liked it. It's very sticky, and I didn't the stickiness. I use Hada Labo, and they're about the same consistency, but this being just a tad thicker. It smells like, for some reason, fresh rain water, or just water. I'm not sure how to describe it. 

My Thoughts:
So after using this, the needed soothing my skin was looking for -  satisfied. Hydrating effect - satisfied. I felt refreshed and alive!

I love hyaluronic acid. It's one of the things I can't live without. Seriously. Don't mess with my HA. If you've ever wondered how your night cream or serum does its thang in keeping your skin looking youthful, it's either some form of retinol, and AHAs, or some form of HA. I prefer HA, since my skin does not take AHAs or Retinols lightly, and it doesn't react to the BHA stuff I use. This sheet mask, wow. I woke up the next day, and my eye bags weren't so deep and baggy, and my little inflamed bumps on my forehead had disappeared (its hot now, and my pores don't like it). My skin was so smooooooth, and I had no oil control problems that day. None. 5 out of 5! definitely!

Where to buy:
I got this in that variety gift box I got from a friend who lives in Asia, but I've looked it up, and found that Amazon also carries them. LURVE amazon, and amazon prime! Guess what? The gift box has 24 sheet masks in it. Gift yourself some sheet masks, why doncha!

Click on this: My Scheming Facial Mask Variety Gift set

Extra Note:
I used this another time with my snail cream right after, and my skin was even better! HA + Snail goo, people. It works.

Thanks for reading!

-Miss Mich
The Sheet Mask Lady

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