What's your skin type? Do you know?

What's your skin type?

Have you ever bought a cream or facial wash, and it just bombs on you? Yeah, that used to happen to me I understand how you feel. I still happens to me.

It usually means that you did not get the right skincare product for your skin type. With so many skincare products, how will you know which is the right one for you? First, let's start by analyzing your skin. Ok, not really analyzing it, but more like observing it. I'm not an expert, nor am I an Esthetician, but I do have experience.

My skin has gone through so many changes, I feel like it's a chameleon. Now that I am in my very early young 30s (LoL), and I live in a state with a warmer climate, my skin has become oily combination. My skin was drier when I lived in the north east of the US. Unfornately, right now, it's breaking out, and I'm seeing fine lines around my eyes. * sharp gasp* My pores are bigger in this HOT weather, making it more clogged.

But wait, how do I know that my skin is oily combination? I observe, stare, and get up-close and personal with my face. Seriously, it does help, though, knowing what type of skin you have, so that you can take better care of it. If you don't know, or you want to make sure, what skin type you are, let's answer a few questions. Yeah? Alright.

Before you answer, I just want to reiterate that I am not an expert, nor am I dermatologist. These questions just helps me figure out skin types.

On to the questions:

  1. Does the skin all over your face, or just parts of your face, feel tight after washing or taking a shower/bath?
  2. Is your face rough, and/or flakey? Or dull?
  3. Does your skin start to look shiny all over, or just parts of your skin, an hour after washing your face?
  4. Do you have large pores?
  5. Do you have pimples?
    • Where do they usually appear on your face?
    • Does it appear around a certain time of the month?
  6. Does your skin get irritated easily, or becomes red when you use creams or skincare products?
Have you answered the questions? Yey!

* I don't have my own photo, and I can't draw to save my life, so I searched the internet until I found a few that could explain it in a picture. Photos are linked to where I found them. *
  • If you answered yes to number 1 & 2, but no to number 3 &4, then you have dry skin. People with dry skin feel a tightness all over their face, even after a shower/bath. Dry skin is usually dull, cracked, and flakey.

    Tip: don't wash your face with hot water, or cold. It is too drying, and damaging to the skin. Use luke warm water, instead. Also use products that are moisturizing, nourishing, and hydrating, like products that have Adlay or Camellia, or avocado, which is deeply moisturizing.
  • If you answered no to number 1 &2, but yes to number 3 & 4, then you have Oily skin.
    Tip 1: an hour after washing your face, take a clean tissue and dab it on your nose for a few seconds. If you see oil on it, then you have oily skin, which is also, technically, dry dehydrated skin. There will be oil on the tissue, even if you're inside your house with the a/c on.
    Tip 2: Also, further drying your skin will only make your sebaceous glands produce more. Hydration is the key.
  • If you answered yes to number 1 or 2, but only parts of your face, then you have combination skin. Most people have this type of skin. The oilier parts are usually on the T-zone (Forehead, up and down the nose), and the drier parts are on the U-zone (cheeks and chin). Yup, U-zone. U skin is dry here. Sorry, I had to do it. *nerdy smirk here*

    Tip: You need a combination of products that will help you control the oil on the T-zone, but will not dry out your U-zone. One ingredient that is usually used in Asian Skincare is green tea.
  • If you don't know how to answer question 4 , look in the mirror, do you see little indents on and around cheeks, those are your pores. If you can see them well, then you have large pores.

    Tip 1: Most people with oily/dry, dehydrated skin, usually have large pores. Keep your pores clean with a detox wash off mask, or clay mask.
    Tip 2: don't forget to exfoliate 2-3x a week to get rid off dead skin cells that could potentially get stuck in your pores.
  • If you answered yes to number 5, acne prone skin.
    Tip: Oily skin, or dry dehydrated skin, is also closely related to acne prone skin, because the pores are more open due to the skin trying to produce more oil, which attracts more dirt, dust, environmental impurities, which clogs the pores.

  • If you answered that you have pimples on your chin at a certain time of the month (like during menstruation), you may have hormonal acne, which are sometimes cystic. This is trickier than your regular pimples. Some see a doctor to help this, and are usually given prescription, when their hormonal acne just won't go away. If it goes away after a few days, then you can still help your skin by keeping it clean, and treating it like a queen. Hydrate, inside and out, and cut back on sugary stuff.
    I don't have a photo for hormonal acne, because it may be too graphic, and too much for some to look at. Google will help you, should you decide to look for a photo.
  • If you answered yes to number 6, then you have sensitive skin. Regardless of the amount of oil or dryness your skin has, your skin can still have sensitivity. 

  • If you answered all of these, but here is a …
    • but..”, or a “not really..”, or a “ I don't get pimples very often, just occasionally”, or even a “It's not shiny after an hour, but maybe after a few hours when it's hot”
    • or if you had answered no to all the questions, 
    • Then you are one of the lucky ones. The ones blessed by the universe.
    • You have normal skin.
      I curse you.
      I kid. Grrr.
Extra tip: Exercise. Your body needs to just let it out. Get your blood moving. I mean, you know, it needs to circulate. This help with your skin tone (no more dullness!), better at scar healing, and a better blood circulation helps our lymphatic system eliminate toxins that are secreted through the skin. Not mention, a better blood circulation also helps the body to transport collagen into the skin cells better.

You can be Dry skin with dull and flakey skin.
You can be combination skin with large pores on the cheeks.
You can be oily, acne prone skin.
You can dry and sensitive skin, or vice versa, oily, acne prome and sensitive.
You can be normal to oily, or normal to dry skin.
You can even be very dry skinned.
You can be any of these.
The fact still remains, that knowing your skin, and how it reacts to products is one of the best ways to help keep your skin healthy. Keep an eye on your skin. Not just your face, but your body as well.

I'm not going to include mature and aging, because that is already obvious, and it depends on your age. I mentioned in my previous post (Can not washing you skin cause premature aging series), mature and aging, is also due to dry skin, and as we get older our skin begins to decrease in collagen production and our skin becomes more wrinkled and dry.

Also, keep in mind that if you do take medication of any kind, especially the ones that alter hormones, it could also be a factor as to why you have that skin type. I suggest seeing your doctor. Ask questions about your skin, your health, and ask about the medication. Doctors love it, I think.

So, know your skin, love your skin, and your skin will love you. It will envelope you in a warm fluffy embrace, and give you chocolate, and beauty in return. Well, no, not really. There is no chocolate.

Ok, enough with corny, cheesy stuff. See you on my next post!

Thanks for reading!

-Miss Mich
The Sheet Mask Lady

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Thanks for reading!

-Miss Mich
The Sheet Mask Lady

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