My Scheming Camellia Japonica Hydrating Mask

The past week have been a bit of a blur, especially after the passing of a little family member. I just didn't feel like blogging. If I had blogged during those days, it was probably because it was mandatory, and my post probably looked like poop. I was, however, active in my social media accounts. Made me feel like I was in another world.

Anyway, what sheet mask have I tried lately? A LOT, but I will talk about this one. Yup, another My Scheming mask. I chose this mask to compare it to the DearPacker Jeju Flower in Camellia.

Sheet Mask, camellia, Tsubaki, sheet mask Lady

What is My Scheming?
As I've mentioned on my previous My Scheming posts,

"My scheming is a brand is aTaiwanese brand, but can most likely be found in most Asian countries. There were rumors that MBD, or My Beauty Diary, and My Scheming are from the same company, but I'm sure they are not. Both brands carry very similar sheet, and silk masks, is all. I believe each country who carry MS sheet, or silk masks, has their own version of My Scheming that you can't find anywhere else, AND Watson's carries these masks. "

Main Ingredient:
Camellia Japonica, or Tsubaki in Japanese, is the Japanese rose. Check out my review on the DearPacker Jeju Flower Camellia to read more about Tsubaki or the Camellia.

Improves skin hydration, revitalizes, and soothes the skin. It helps give the face that smooth and radiant effect.

List of ingredients:And potential irritants according to I hope you all can read it. It may be blurry.
Click here if you want to know how to read the photo blow.

The Essence:
It was slightly milky, and tacky to the touch, but it was easily absorbed into my skin, It didn't have much of a smell; just a very light one, which didn't really remind me of Camellias. This was a bit disappointing. After trying DearPacker's Jeju Flower Camellia, I had half expected this to smell almost as good, or like the flower itself.
Sheet Mask, camellia, Tsubaki, sheet mask Lady

The Mask:
The fit for this mask was a bit weird. Not that it did not fit, but more like the cut on one side was longer than the other. The sheet on the right side of my face, particularly my cheeks, had too much, while the other was just the right amount of mask. I guess it depends on the machines, or people who make the sheet masks. The eyes and mouth holes, however, were perfect. All standard, or regular, My scheming sheet masks are made of the same material, except of course the silk masks, and jelly masks.

How to use it:

    Sheet Mask, camellia, Tsubaki, sheet mask Lady
  1. Wash face (preferably double cleansing)
  2. Tone (I use a hydrating toner when I am masking)
  3. Take the sheet mask out of the pack, and unfold
  4. There is a, what My Scheming calls, "pearl" film, peel it away from the sheet mask
  5. Organize the sheet mask on le face, yes organize. Sometimes sheet masking is tricky.
  6. Leave on for 20-30 minutes
  7. Pull off mask, and pat into skin the remaining essence

My Thoughts:
Accoding to CosDNA, there are a few acne triggers and irritants, but my skin did not have any bad reactions at all. In fact, I wish it could have done more. Honestly, I may have set this sheet mask to fail; because DearPacker. Well, it didn't fail completely, my skin was really well hydrated, and I did feel like my skin had a bit of radiant glow, but the little redness I had on my chin and top parts of the apples of my cheeks were still pink. I liked this sheet mask, but the DearPacker gave me much more OMPH. With the DearPacker version of the Camellia sheet mask, my skin felt hydrated, it just sucked up all the essence, my skin felt softer, and I had a glow that lasted till the morning I woke up. The lovely Camellia scent is a complete plus, which helped me feel relaxed, and happy. I kind of feel bad for My Scheming Camellia Japonica Hydrating mask now because I was expecting a bit more from it.

Sheet Mask, camellia, Tsubaki, sheet mask Lady

Ratings: A shiny 3 out of 5

Where I bought mine:

Or you can get it in a variety pack

Thanks for reading!

-Miss Mich
The Sheet Mask Lady

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