What are hydrogel masks?

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What are hydrogels? What's the difference between these and sheet masks?

As I've mention in my What are sheet masks? post, sheet masks are made of obviously cotton, or fiber, sheet. There are some sheet masks that are made think, but most are made thin. The thin cotton material makes it easier to absorb serums, or essences. Serums, or essences. Bah. It's too much to type both, so I'm just going to say serum from here on out. These masks also give a surge of skin goodies, just like sheet masks, but with a few differences.

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It still depends on the serum that is used. I want to say that it depends on the amount of serum, but that's irrelevant if there is a large amount of excess serum, and yet it doesn't do jack for your skin. I'm looking at you Naisture. There are some that work well with hydration, and skin smoothness, but the alcohol content is too high.

Hydrogels are made of, well, gel, like the material used for burn victims. The mask is made of serums or essence made into gel, which makes it easier to wear because the jelly like mask sticks, or stays in place. There are some that are even made out coconut oil. It holds, and wraps around the face, unlike the cotton, or paper, mask, which moves around and sometimes slips off your face. How they stay in place makes it easier to absorb the skin goodies.

I found a picture online because I don't have a decent photo of me wearing a hydrogel, since I don't use many. I found this one at minikmall.com. I included the link below the photo, in case you're all wondering. 

This is the Freeset Donkey Milk
Healing Skin Gel Mask
image not mine

See how it stays in place and no bubbled up spaces between your skin and the mask?

Hydration in both sheet masks, and hydrogels are the same. The base for most, if not all, sheet masks, is usually hyaluronic acid and green tea. Coconut based, or coconut derived biocellulose, masks are one of my favorite types of hydrogels. 

The not all sheet masks are the made the same rule applies to hydrogels, as well. There are your typical hydrogels, hydrogels for under your eyes, and two piece hydrogels (like the review I did on Naisture's Snail Hydrogel Gold Mask the other day).

Prices are a bit higher on hydrogels than the regular sheet masks, ranging from $4-30 in both Asian and Western beauty brands. I still think the Asian brands are cheaper even when it's from overseas. you can buy in bulk and still get a ton. Bang for your buck. Best way to get these is to find the best deals. Like the Tony Moly  is $16/box on amazon, $8 at ulta

Examples of hydrogel masks with prices (and I love them both):

The Face Shop Smim Fermentation
Tony Moly Snail Hydro Gel Mask

Their face mask cost $28/pc
image from tatcha.com

**caption on each last photos will redirect you to a better view of the product**

There are many who allergic to the ingredients used in hydrogels, so always check the ingredients of a mask, and if you can help it, patch test a bit of the serum in the pack before putting the mask on your face.

***This doesn't mean that hydrogels are better than sheet masks. Don't get me wrong, ok. I lurves my sheet masks.***

Thank you for reading!

-Miss Mich
The Sheet Mask Lady

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