Naisture's The Secret Snail Hydrogel Gold Mask

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What is it? Naisture's The Secret
                   Snail Hydrogel Gold Mask

Naisture is a combination of two words: Nature and Moisture. In the back of the box and packs, its says that these are made in Korea, manufactured for Banzai Living Beauty.

This particular line also comes in four other varieties:

  • The Secret "Brightning" Mask, Charlotte (it really says that)
  • The Secret Moisturizing Mask, Elizabeth
  • The Secret Fresh Face Mask, Emma
  • The Secret Skin Control, Charlotte - sometimes our skin just gets out of hand
The snail version does not have a woman's name. Shame. I would have called the line, Cher. It makes me think, "So, which of you ladies am I wearing tonight?" (lol dirty) "Hello ladies, spa night, tonight?"

Claims: "Reverse the signs of aging with premium gel-type sheet mask (le hydrogel) for an immediate firming, nourishing, and brightening effect."

The Mask:
So this is what it looks like before I kind of butchered it off the clear and white films. Yup, it has two films, which cover either side of the mask. It comes on two pieces, a top mask, and a bottom mask. The hydrogel seemed, flimsy? It felt like it could literally melt in my hands at any moment. 

This is the first hydrogel I've used, and I was a bit intimidated by it, not to mention it's "gold", but look at that face. It's telling me to put it on.

So yellow gold 
The instructions:
Instructions are written in English, which made it easier. It says to cleanse my face and apply an appropriate toner before sliding this around my face, and then open the pack. Funny thing is, I'm used to most sheet masks that do not come with a film, and this mask (hydrogel mask) had two. With out reading the rest of instructions, I stared at the mask for a few seconds and tried to tear peel off the films. The easiest was the clear one, and then with some difficulty, because I have butter fingers, the white one. There was a bit that I accidentally chipped off on the side, but we angled the photo to not show it.

Oops took off the clear film first.
I was so amused by the way it felt between my hands, that I didn't even bother to read how long I should keep it on, which was between 25-30 minutes "to allow the nutrients to fully absorb". Then again, I usually keep on sheet masks for an extra 5-10 minutes of the suggested time. There have been blogs or articles that say it shouldn't be done, but I want to push it to the limit just a tad.

The pack also instructs you to 

The fit:
I posted a photo on my Instagram, showing me, trying to smooth out the bottom piece.

Since this comes in two pieces, trying to make this fit onto your face will not be a problem. Sort of. The eye sockets, fit perfect, and the hole for my mouth was perfect, even the nose flap was super nice. I like that it comes in two pieces. It was fun trying to smooth it out, and they way it looked on me made me feel like I could be related to C3PO. 


"Contains Nano Gold, Collagen and Snail Extract to improve circulation, provide nourishment and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Green Tea and Aloe further provide anti-oxidants and resilience to prevent sun damage leaving your skin with a smooth, radiant complexion
              -Forgot where I got this from, but I will find it and include the link here, soon.

  • SNAILS  - For those who are not familiar with snail as an ingredient in beauty or skincare products. Snails are the shitz, but this only has 1% snail secretion (I'll talk about snail another day). 
  • Gold - for skin "brightning" 
  • Collagen - a protein, found in the body. In abundance, it makes our skin look young.
  • Green Tea -  high amount of antioxidants as well as enzymes, amino acids, and polyphenols. 
  • Aloe - soothes and moisturizes the skin
  • Baikal Scullcap extract - antioxidant, antimicrobial
  • Citrus Junos Fruit extract - Yuzu, a type of orange/citrus fruit, "brightning".
  • Chameleon plant (I first thought of the lizards, oops lol) - or the Houttuynia cordata, for detox and is an antibacterial
  • Sodium hyaluronate - well, hello. This is the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, and great for them fine lines.

Where to find/buy these:
TjMaxx - in store
Marshall's - in store

Not very many places have them in the western world.

YEY! You made it to the bottom!

My thoughts:

Well, I gave it a go. It felt really nice at first, but after 30 minute mark, I wasn't so sure. Maybe it's just me, since I'm used to sheet masks. This is my first hydrogel mask, after all. I'm pretty sure my skin had a glow afterwards even with 100μg, but I can't say much for the instant snail gratification I usually get with snail sheet masks. I mean there is only 1% in the serum, which is probably why the instructions says to keep it on for 25-30 minutes, and it doesn't say 24k gold. If this mask did have 24k gold, I think the price range for these hydrogels would be significantly expensive. My Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream does waaaay more, since it has 74% snail goo. It's 50% and above snail goo, or nothing. I'd like to add that Dermal Korea sheet masks, which are super affordable, are more preferrable over these. Amazon sells Dermal Korea for a dollar and some change a piece. I guess you can call it a snail mask, at least it has 1%

I will keep using these, though. I'm still curious. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Prove me wrong Naisture. 

Oh and, This has a bit of a citrus scent, but it's unnoticeable.

You look spent, mask.
Extra note:
These are made in Korea, manufacture for Banzai Living Beauty, but I have not found any information other than that. Does anyone know? Comment down below if you have anymore info on this brand, this particular mask, or this particular line.

Here's a link to see the entire Naisture's The Secret line. This website is not the brand's official website.

NEXT DAY:  I found a small pink bumps peeking through my left cheek, and right on top of my right eyebrow, which is a weird place to grow. Damn you, Naisture.

Thanks for reading!

-Miss Mich
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