I tried 12 Face Shop Real Nature Sheet Masks in 12 days

I made this weeks ago, but for some reason I just could bring myself to finish and post it. I am now going to finish this today, however, and hopefully I don't make it too long.

I have to admit, I haven't been in the blogging mood. Lying to myself or to my readers would just make me feel awful, so yes, I admit it. Someone gave me some advice, that I shouldn't write or blog when I REALLY can't. What ever I write, or type, will never sound right to me, or my words will probably be lost in translation. I believe it. I've tried, and failed to even like what I had made. SO, I did not post anything.

Anyway, I'm going to talk about the sheet masks I had been using in the past few weeks that I've been gone. The first of which are The Face Shop Real Nature sheet masks. The series of sheet masks that I used are the old version of the Real Nature line. The new packaging is gray and looks more chic, which are the ones on the bottom right corner of my instagram photo above. The new packaging is for another blog post.

So... Bloggers out there have mixed feelings or none at all, with the older version masks, and now, I will share with you mine.

*Please note :
     I did not get the chance to take a picture of some of the masks, but I will post photos from other sites, which will have links that will redirect you to their web address.
     There are more than 10 sheet masks, so I will include my thoughts and rating will be included for each category/question.

What is The Face Shop?
THEFACESHOP (yes, it is really one word) is a Korean beauty brand that was created in 2003. They create a wide range of beauty products, which ranges from face and body cleansers, sheet masks to bb cushions and liptints (the latest being Disney themed). They, and I quote from the website, "a beauty destination offering affordable prices on high quality products made with the finest ingredients from nature to meet all your beauty needs."

This brand is owned by LG Household & Healthcare, to be exact. LG Household & Healthcare is on of Korea's leading beauty and lifestyle company, which also houses VDL, History of Whoo, Tomaru, Isa KNox, Sooryehan, Ohui, Belif, SU:M37, aCNP, Makeremake, and many more.

{click here to go to their international website}

What are the "star" of the show for each mask that I used?

  • Lemon
  • Rice 
  • Pomegranate
  • Blueberry
  • Acai Berry
  • Kelp
  • Mung
  • Olive
  • Honey
  • Aloe
  • Avocado
  • Cucumber
I did have green tea, shea butter, mango (not sure if there is a mango in this line), and bamboo. I also do not have ginseng, which I gave to my mother, who is discovering the root's great skincare properties. She also took the shea butter flavored one.

  1. Cleanse skin (double cleanse if being use at the end of the day)
  2. Tone
  3. Open the pack
  4. Put the mask on your face for about 15-20 minutes
  5. Remove sheet mask 
  6. Continue with the rest of your skincare or not, this part is up to you

How was the mask?

As for material, it was all the same slightly sheer cotton material, which clung to most of my face nicely. (Mung Bean is on the bottom left of this photo pyramid)

Sheet masks that had fragrance:  The only two I can think of that had a fragrance that even remotely smelled like the focus ingredient was the Lemon and Honey flavored sheet mask. Although, the lemon one had a strong lemony astringent scent, whereas the honey mask's honey scent was barely there.  There were quite a few that had a tad scent of alcohol, which made me use the mask(s) for just 10 minutes. These masks were Avocado, Acai, Blueberry, and Pomegrante. The smell of the alcohol did not go away.

The Mung, Olive, and Cucumber had very little alcohol scent, but the light scent of flowers was there. You would have to put your face up close when you first open it. When I had these on my face, the smell of the alcohol went away.

The Rice flavor, though, had a nice flowery scent, which surprised me as I was used to smelling the alcohol from the other masks. The Aloe smelled really good, and I quite enjoyed it. The Kelp flavor, smelled like a bit seaweed and flowers, which was also a nice surprise.

The Fit of each mask: They all had the same size and fit, although some had slightly different size holes for the eyes and mouth. It was too side, and a lot of material. It was like the sheet mask expanded upwards past the skin on my forehead, making me look like an alien.

Has anyone you smelled these masks? Or am I the only one that smells the alcohol?

What was the essence for each mask like?

Each mask pack had A LOT of essence, and so each mask was dripping wet with them.

The essence at the bottom is Mung Bean essence
  • Lemon - clear, thin consistency like water, dried quickly 
  • Rice - reminds me of the Klavuu toner, which is a white in color and has  milky consistency, a bit sticky, absorbed into the skin after a while
  • Pomegranate - clear, it was like water, dried quickly, sticky   
  • Blueberry - clear like water, sticky, dried quick
  • Acai Berry - thin consistency like water, sticky, absorbed into the skin quickly
  • Kelp - reminds me of the Klavuu toner, except it's clear like water, absorbed into the skin quick
  • Mung - consistency was also watery and clear 
  • Olive - Sticky, took a while to get absorbed. thick like watered down jell-o. I had a greasy feeling all night.
  • Honey - consistency is like watered down honey, sticky even after skin has absorbed it
  • Aloe - not sticky if you have dry skin (I think), absorbed into my skin quick, thin and clear like water
  • Avocado - greasy, all I remember is that I didn't like it
  • Cucumber -  the consistency is clear like water, not sticky if you have dry skin (again, I think), but feel I had a layer of moisture

Did it do what it says it will do?
(I got the info/description from the international website)
  • Lemon - Brightening and clear skin -- Just a little, but didn't last very long, clearer skin? not really, not change. 2/5 rating for giving me slightly brighter skin, but I so disliked the smell
  • Rice  - keeps skin spot-free and for Brightening -- my skin was brightened a bit, I liked this one. I also liked the ricey floral scent. I thought it was the most pleasant mask I had tried. 3/5 rating I don't mind buying this again, if there wasn't anything else.
  • Pomegranate - Elasticity and glossy look -- Oh, it gave my skin a glossy look alright. I mean that sticky glossy look. It didn't really help with elasticity, either. 2/5 rating
  • Blueberry - Suppleness & Antioxidant -- The antioxidant part is a given, as all, if not most, fruits are a source of antioxidants, which fight free radicals that are bad for the skin. It did nothing for my skin, but it did make me break out a little. 1/5
  • Acai - Vitalizing - improves the skin's resilience -- I don't know. All it did was give a few pimples. 1/5
  • Kelp -  Purifying - That it is. The little pimples I had from the previous sheet masks had been reduced in size, though they are still there. It's also quite hydrating, and cool to the skin. 3.75/5 I would try this again.
  • Mung - Clarifying, keeps pores clean -- This is moisturizing and cooling. I used this after he Honey flavored mask, and this also helped my little break out. 4/5
  • Honey - the description says that this contain honey and *nicotinic acid, providing glow, radiance, and moisture. There was a bit of a glow, but I wouldn't say my skin was positively radiant, and adding moisture to my skin? Yup it did, but I wasn't fond of this one. 2/5 rating
  • Aloe - Moisturizing/hydrating, for sensitive skin -- this was one of the few surprisingly pleasant ones. After absorbing into my skin, it felt ok. No irritations, or redness. It was soothing. 3.5/5 rating
  • Avocado - Nourishing -- gives extra nutrition and revitalizes dry skin. The skin on my face is a combination of oily and dry patches, and this should have at least did something good for my dry skin, but it did not.  The smell irritated me, and my skin felt greasy several minutes post sheet masking. I REALLY wanted to wash my face, but I waited to see if it would absorb into my skin. 1/5
  • Cucumber - Hydrating -- this actually made my skin quite surprisingly soft. My face was hydrated, and moisturized. I liked this one. 4/5 I would try this again, but not so soon.
*nicotinic acid is niacin/vitamin B3, which is different from Niacinamide is an "amide" form of Vitamin B3.. Nicotinic acid can cause intense vasodilation or skin flushing, according to Futurederm.com. 

Where did I get these masks?
This is the old packaging, but is still being sold.
I bought mine online with Amazon Prime. This was in a bundle, or variety pack, so I did not get all the sheet mask "flavors". If I am missing any other flavors, please tell me in the comment section below. Thanks in advance!

My thoughts:

I have to be honest, I had a difficult time with this blog post. It was hard not to get distracted whilst in the midst of typing what kind of essence or how the mask fitted on my face. Every time my phone rang, I would immediately stop and pick up my phone. Most of the time forgetting that I had to finish this post, and when I say forget, I mean like days. I didn't feel like looking at these again, as I was sorely disappointed in many of the masks.

Each mask's focus ingredient is placed third or fourth in the list with DENATURED ALCOHOL right after it. D.alcohol and I don't get along very well. I'm surprised I didn't completely break out after using one every day. Maybe I've become slightly immune? I don't know.

Thefaceshop is one of my first favorite Kbeauty brands. I used to buy (It was my fave) their nail polish when I was college, back when all I wanted to do was "study" and have fun. The only ones I liked were the Rice, Aloe, Mung Bean, Cucumber and Kelp flavors; with Mung Bean and Cucumber being the best. The rest were either a complete bust, or just ok.

*These masks also contain parabens.

Thanks for reading!

-Miss Mich
The Sheet Mask Lady

Affiliated links are included in this post, and all photos were taken by me.

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