Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask - Tea Tree

I wrote this a few weeks back, but I have not posted it. I've been in a skincare blogging slump, and I've been trying to get out of it. This post is my first step. haha.

It's the middle of summer, which means it is the hottest weeks of the season.  This means the oilier parts of my face are partying. It's still summer, so there is still a party going on my face, particularly on my forehead and nose. Yup. Like a boss. It gets red, irritated, and clogged. Please, skin, no more parties. Mean while the drier parts of my face are chillin. For someone with oily combination skin, it's awful. The mask I chose to use last night is related to soothing, party control, and possibly reducing my pimples to a smaller size, if not erasing it.

The mask I chose is Innisfree Tea Tree It's Real Squeeze Mask.

 Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Tea Tree sheet mask
Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Tea Tree sheet mask

What's the brand?
Innisfree - This is a Korean beauty brand that focuses on natural ingredients. Their products have 70% natural ingredients, and 1% of annual profits go to "neighbors". I'm not quite sure what they mean by neighbors. I'm guessing they're recycling, and use ingredients that are earth friendly. I could be wrong, but if you know what they mean by neighbors, leave me a comment below. Thanks in advance! Also, their product ingredients, like their famous green tea, is grown on the island of Jeju, which is the largest island, south of Korea. I've heard the weather on Jeju is just always perfect.

This sheet mask will help with troubled skin. For some reason when ever I hear or read the word "troubled" I think of "rebel". I guess it fits, though. Acne is skin rebelling. So, it's like my skin is partying and rebelling against me. But why skin? I take care of you.

What is Tea Tree?
Tea tree extract, or tea tree oil, comes from the tea tree plant. Don't confuse it with the the usual tea plants that is used to make tea, ie. black tea and green tea. Tea plants and tea tree are different from one another, though both have wonderful skin benefits. Tea tree is said to have terpenes, which are any large group of volatile hydrocarbons that destroys bacteria (source). Making tea tree great anti-fungal and anti-viral, which means this is great for acne, and dandruff! (*insert happy gasp here*)

Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Tea Tree sheet mask
Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Tea Tree sheet mask

Other Ingredients in the Innisfree Tea Tree It's Real Squeeze Mask:

This is a screenshot of the ingredients from Cosdna. Click HERE if you want to see the web page format.

This is just how I use a new mask. New to me, anyway.
Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Tea Tree sheet mask, sheet mask, the sheet mask lady
  1. Double cleanse 
  2. Tone
  3. take out the sheet mask from the pack
  4. fit mask on face
  5. leave on for 20 minutes
  6. remove mask (tip: remove mask from bottom to top, they say this helps prevent pulling of the skin and helps against sagging skin. Meh, not sure if that's true, but it's become a habit)
  7. I leave it as is, but you can continue with the rest of your skincare

The Mask:
The mask is a good fit for my face, though I know a few who said this was a bit small for their face. Like I said in my "What are sheet masks" post, not all masks are the same. The mask itself is made of, as the website says, "three layer sheet" to "provide nutrition to the skin at higher absorption rate". The sheet mask is pretty much soaked, and moisturizing on my hand.

Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Tea Tree sheet mask, the sheet mask lady
As always, there is a lot of essence. It's thin and close to the water consistency, just what a regular essence looks and feels like. The material is very soft, and cottony, so with the water-like essence, it is just dripping wet. There was essence on my bathroom counter tops, but that's ok. There's A LOT of it in the pack, anyway. The smell is a bit astringent, then again, that is what tea tree smells like. It smells a bit astringent-y. I've saved a bit of the essence, since I masked during the afternoon. The saved essence will be used tonight for my night time skincare. so we'll seee what happens then, shall we?

My thoughts:
I REALLY like this sheet mask. I REALLY like Innisfree sheet masks. They feel so nice on my skin. When a friend of mine asked which sheet mask she use for the first time, I recommended this mask. She LOVED it, and then proceeded to buy, or maybe collect, the rest of the Innisfree It's Real Squeeze line. My skin looked less oily, and I didn't even know it could mattify skin. The claim was that it would help troubled skin, which is exactly what it did. It's not one of those sheet masks that you love automatically, but if you keep using it, you will definitely see results. When I use this after my essence and serums step, it it has always helped calm my skin, and I've used the Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Tea Tree sheet mask for a while now

My rate: 4.5/5

Where to buy?
Innisfreeworld - they're always having sales, like buy 10 get 10, or buy 5 get 5! the only problem is that they are overseas. So, the shipping depends on the weight of all the products you have on your cart. Free shipping on all orders of $65+

I usually buy mine on Amazon.
Click here for a set of 5: 

Click here for the variety set:

Thanks for reading!

-Miss Mich
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